Selected works:

  • 13DL (in post, 20mins, expected 2022) tracking German high school students trying to reconcile with their town’s history when Nazi Germans confiscated the driver’s licenses of 13 Jewish residents in 1938.
  • More Than One Child (in post, 62mins, expected in 2022) documents the separated and disconnected lives of three siblings under the old One Child Policy while their migrant parents surmount challenges in modern China.
  • Mosaik (in-post, 70 mins, expected 2023) explores the mind and spirit of residents with dementia through their eyes.
  • We Stay Here ( mins, 2021) portrays the short time refugee children from war-torn countries stay in Berlin to seek asylum and their relationship with a German shelter manager changes her life.
  • Beyond the Grid (30 mins, 2017) expands Quest for Energy as an ethnographic observation of an off-grid village’s development against climate change.
  • Twice a Refugee (10 mins, 2017) portrays a double-refugee from Palestine escaping Syria to re-settle in Berlin.
  • Living River (50 mins, 2015, iTunes 3yr contract  ended) uncovers the unholy pollution of India’s holy river.
  • Quest for Energy (10 mins, 2012, Snagfilms but now out of business) is a Nat-Geo take on an off-grid village going renewable.

Three more works are in progress so stay tuned for updates…

Photographs and books holding my creative work are also posted here so check it out. I did not post any field audio production work done for others as I was a work-for-hire.

I would love to hear from you so kindly contact me to chat. Let’s make a positive difference to change this world for the better.